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A 4K class on a nature walk.
A student excitedly wearing a fireman's hat.
5 Students stand infront of the book vending machines holding their books.
Two fifth grade students are guest reading to 4K students.
A fourth grade class stands together to show their red clothes for Red Ribbon Week.
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Performance Task Assessments - Gifted & Talented

As part of the academically gifted and talented identification process, students with either a qualifying aptitude or academic score (but not both) will participate in performance task assessments. Read this story for more information and specific testing dates.
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Gifted & Talented Performance Task Assessments

Students needing a second qualifying score for identification as academically gifted and talented will complete Performance Task Assessments during the February 20th through March 8th testing window.
David Sims, Principal

Principal's Message

Welcome back Sea Turtles and new families and students to Riverbank!  We are over a thousand students strong at this time with room to grow.  We have mastered our arrivals and dismissal procedures to greatly improve their efficiency.  I would like to take credit for it but time is the teacher here.  Thank you for your patience and time. 
The students are thriving and our teachers are doing a fantastic job establishing relationships and classroom procedures.  How can you stay in touch with the teacher and the learning happenings in the classroom?  Class Dojo is the tool for this.  It is simple to use and all of our teachers use it to update parents. 
As we navigate the school year, COVID-19 is still impacting our school.  We monitor confirmed cases and quarantines.  You can help us by notifying the nurses of positive tests or exposures from home.  Please do not send a student to school while you are awaiting test results.  It is best to keep them home until you have the results.  We will work through this challenge by following COVID procedures and guidelines provided for us.  Our goal is to teach the children and remain safe under the current circumstances. 
Please make sure the device we are sending home is working and make sure you are supervising your child while they are using the device.  We will use remote learning if it becomes necessary.
Principal David Sims

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